Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Photos: 6-Year-Old Boy With TAIL Growing From His Back Worshipped As A Hindu god

Six-year-old Amar Singh is worshiped as a god-like figure in Nijmapur, a small village in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, after growing a 12-inch long tail.

Amar who is the youngest of five siblings has a patch of thick hair starting in the small of his back which has grown to more than 12 inches in length to resemble a 'tail' and the villagers have hailed it as a sign that he is connected to the Hindu god Hanuman, a monkey-like deity.

His family also believes he looks like a cow, an animal considered holy in Hindu culture and affirmed by Amar’s interest in cows.

According to his family, he was born with the anomalous patch of hair, which was about one inch in length, and it continued to grow over the years.
His father, Ajmer Singh said, "Amar is a very loving child and everybody sees him as a symbol of god."

He further explains that although the hairs on Amar’s back could easily be cut and shaved off, the family are hesitant as they consider them to be a 'gift from god'.
Contrary to what Amar's family believes, the 'tail' is a result of the birth defect spina bifida, which can result in lower-back growths or, as in Amar’s case, a tuft of hair, which can grow into a tail if left uncut. It occurs when the spinal column does not close all of the way down and it is one of the most common permanently disabling birth defects. Spina bifida affects about one child in every 2,500.

Exactly why this happens is not known, but the most significant risk factor that has been identified is a lack of folic acid before pregnancy and in the very early weeks of pregnancy.

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