Wednesday, 9 April 2014

National Conference Delegate Caught Playing Scrabble During Proceedings

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The National Conference, which is currently ongoing in Abuja, will span for three months, and one of its core reasons why it is being held is to address and find solutions to Nigeria’s most pressing issues and challenges.

There are 492 delegates at the Conference, made up of the various ethnic nationalities in the country, political representative, professional groups, civil society groups and others, to help seek and adopt the solutions to Nigeria’s pressing needs. At the end of the Conference, each member would have pocketed about N12million.

Apparently, this isn’t much concern of a delegate who was seen and captured on camera playing scrabble game on his laptop at the Conference during session. Before now, it was about a delegate who was caught sleeping during session.

So many Nigerians already do not believe the National Confab would yield any meaningful result. Some have even questioned the relevance of the Conference.

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