Saturday, 29 March 2014

Must Watch! See Video of a Ghanaian pastor that says Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buari, Samini & Other Entertainers May Die Soon

Talk about a revelation.

A Ghanaian pastor, Prophet Samuel Baffour has claimed that a number of Ghanaian celebrities, including star actress Yvonne Nelson, were on the brink of death.
Baffour said this on on Channel R- 92.7FM’s 205, even going as far to say how these people would die.
He said if the entertainers came to him personally, he would also reveal the people who planned to kill them.

According to a source, this was how he claimed they would die:

Yvonne Nelson
According to the prophet, a lot of Ghanaians hate the beautiful actress and are planning her untimely death. He said that, some persons are feverishly scheming against the actress in a move that will stall her progress. She will sink so low nobody will recognize her and that will lead to her death.

Nadia Buari
According to God’s revelation, Nadia’s death will be a replication of Suzzy William’s death. Suzzy, a budding actress died in a motor accident along the Labadi-Tema road.

The ‘African Dancehall King’ was the first on the death list. According to the prophet, some persons in the music industry are planning the death of Samini. He claimed that some persons are envious of the talent and success of the artiste and are plotting to harm him which will lead to his death.

The Musicians Union of Ghana President’s name was also revealed to the Prophet as one of the lot to die. Narrating how Obour will die, the Prophet stated that a fellow musician will die and during the funeral, some persons will poison Obour. His tummy will bloat (more than it is now) as a result of the poison which will lead to his death.

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