Sunday, 2 March 2014

It's all about 'Brazillian Hair' How it caused disharmony between 3 friends - Tonto Dikeh, Gbemi Phillips and Venita

Two days ago, Video Vixen Venita slammed her ex-friend and video vixen Nickycopplang on social media because she collected brazilian hair from her and cut it off.. Though i didn't update it but i am giving you the priviledge to read it (HERE) Emeh Achanga blog

It had many wondering if there was more to it and there sure is...
According to a close source to MisspetiteNigeria,Venita decided to disgrace her because the two who used to be besties fell out after the Nicky moved in with Gbemi(they are other allegations which has to do with which I won't mention)..Venita was said to be pissed off  that she lost her "bestie" to Gbemi hence the open embarrassment..

The interesting part is the same day this happened.Tonto Dikeh posted a message on instagram on lesbianism and friend snatching ..(Tonto Dikeh is Gbemi's friend and she also directed one of her videos")

To confirm this, today video director, Gbemi Phillips slammed Venita  on twitter and Venita also replied..(though not directly..I was able to decode that and connect their tweets)They also exchanged some instagram photos with captions meant for eachother

Tonto Dikeh who is Gbemi's close friend..shared this the day Venita slammed Nicky
Gbemi and bestie Nickycoppolang

 The insult which started it all below

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