Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Gay Guys disgraced and Paraded Naked In Warri After One Of Them Snitched The Others (+18)

This story happened yesterday Monday March 24, 2014 in Warri (Ekurede Urhobo Axis) and this is what led to the can of worms being exposed…..it is still unfolding

A popular Guy named GP had been suspected of being gay but there was no proof of it until he supposedly slept with his lover  from Lagos and backslided on his promise... after the love making session, he refused to give his lover the amount agreed upon…..not only did he renege on paying, he seized the laptop and other valuables of the Lagos lover and even allegedly threatened him.

The Lagos lover, angry and frustrated and ready to burst everyone's bubble went to report the matter to the local community chairman, and the shocked chairman sent his boys to get the GP guy alongside his other gay cohorts.

They were actually apprehended sunday but yesterday they were stripped naked, flogged and kept in the community town hall for all to see.

The 5 of them now have been given an option of paying a 100k fine including being paraded around the community with a 'gay' inscription tag on them, or risk being submitted to the police, charged to court and risk 14 years imprisonment.

Photo Credit: SDK's Blog

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