Saturday, 15 February 2014

Unconfirmed Reports Have It That LASU Is To Reopen On 24th February For Final Year Students; 10th March For Fresh Students; 1st April For Returning Students

A yet to be confirmed report but from an impeccable source has it that Lagos State University will resume on the 24th February 2014. This suggested that the crisis at the varsity might have been resolved after all.

Our source revealed the resumption details as followed;


A. Final year students and stranglers Only

i) 24th February,2014- Re-opening of the University for Final Year Students Only

ii) 24th & 25th Feb,2014 -University porter opens for Final Year Students only till 12 Midnight of 25th Feb, 2014.

iii) 26th -27th Feb,2014- Capturing and production of Exam Dockets.

iv) 28th of Feb 2014…… Collection of Exam Docket

V) Monday, 3rd March, 2014- Commencement of Exam for Final Year Students.

B. Fresh Students.
i) 10th-13th March 2014- Screening Exercise for fresh Students

ii) 13th-14th March 2014- Indigeneship Verification Exercise.

iii) 17th March, 2014 – Commencement of Registration of Fresh Students & Lectures

iv) 26th-27th March 2014- Orientation Programme for Fresh Students

V) 28th March,2014 – Matriculation of Fresh Students.

C. Resumption of Students in Other Levels.

i) 1st April,2014. – Resumption of Students in Other Levels

ii) 1st-2nd April, 2014 – Re-Opening of University Porter till 12 Midnight of 2nd April,2014.

iii) 3rd-4th April,2014 Preparation for Exam & Production of Exam Dockets.

iv) 7th April,2014- Examination Commences.

The students of Lagos State University have protested over what they described as unfair closure of students online registration by the institution's management and arbitrary hike in school fees. LASU is adjudged is the most expensive public university in Nigeria.

We keep you updated as the report is officially confirmed.

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