Friday, 7 February 2014

Pastor butchered and burnt by mob over ritual murder of 6-year-old girl

FIle photo

FIle photo
A 50-year old pastor, Dike Ocha was said to have been attacked by a mob, beaten and burnt to death over the death of a six-year-old girl, Fatima Yusuf.
Pastor Ocha of theAssemblies of God Church was yesterday mobbed after the mutilated body of Fatima, who went missing for 4 days, was found beside the pastor’s residence .
Speaking to newsmen on the incident, the states Police Commissioner, Mohammed Hurdi said Ocha was rescued from the mob and taken to a hospital but a part of the mob intent on carrying out vengeance, followed the pastor, attacked his rescuers and set him ablaze.
City People reports:
According to Hurdi,The mutilated body was found close to the residence of a pastor and some of the mischievous characters concluded that the body must have been dumped by the pastor and before you know it, a mob attacked and injured him.”
“We know fully that the pastor could not have been responsible for the death of this girl. Any reasonable person will believe it is the work of mischievous elements who want to frame the pastor or the work of a rapist.
The pastor was attacked because he happened to be close to the place and probably because some people do not agree with his activities or religious orientation…………

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