Sunday, 9 February 2014

"My Dream Woman Must Have The Qualities Of Linda Ikeji"- Waconzy

Who is the blogger music star, Obinna Kelvin Anyanwu aka Waconzy is crazy about? Ahead of the release of his Valentine song titled 'Apple of my Eyes', Waconzy has said he will be dedicating it to a "female blogger".

He took to Twitter to talk about his dream woman.

According to his tweets he hashtagged #AppleOfMyEyes: "Am ready to describe my dream woman.
For my dream girl, I am looking for a lady that will luv me not for money. Also looking for dat lady that will not hessitate to tell me SORRY if she makes me Unhappy. A Girl that can kiss and caress me wella.

Qualities of my Dream Woman.: #1. A lady that will luv me not for fame or money. #2. A Girl That can Kiss and Caress me wella. A girl that is compatible with me.. shares same personality, belief and principles with me . #3. A lady that is sexy and clean #NoSTD . #4. A Girl That believes in Waconzy. #5. A lady that can take care of my Family. #6. Should be A Nigerian Girl from a decent background #VeryImportant. #7.a lady that can keep my secrets. #8. Should have been #1 to me tho.. I need a girl that Sabi the thing wella . #9.. My dream woman MUST have the Qualities of Lindaikeji. My love is full in abundance..can nobody deny u full of substance. You are the #AppleofMyEyes. U sexy pretty well. u set and you too Gel. .Na u wey dey ring my bell. To My Future Wife>> Give me one Chance, make i prove to you that my love is not a one chance. My body is full with luv in abundance. Can nobody deny that u are full of substance.. It feels good loving somebody and that somebody loves you badly.. Oh pretty blogger, you are my butter. U are my one in a milli milli. supadupa lover. no other – forever – can Conquer , put asunder. Love me not for money . See me as your best Friend. Now u know my dream woman ..right? oya cc her and tell her all i said. now u know my dream woman ..right? oya cc all the homely, responsible, God fearing gals. #9. She MUST share similar Qualities with Lindaikeji #Unpredictable #BossLady #BigDreams #cute .#AppleofMyEyes. #10. Finally, She MUST not be a NAGGING woman".

Source: City People Magazine

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