Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Federal Government Increases Nigerian Passport Fee By 50%

The Federal Government has increased passport fee by 50%. According to a circular signed by the Deputy Comptroller in charge of Operations/Passport and released a few days ago titled 'Passport Reforms', applicants will now pay N15,000 instead of N10,000. (It was officially N10,000 but we all know how much we really Also applicants for change of data will pay now N30,000.

A newly introduced 64-page passport for frequent travelers will cost N20,000, while Passport for applicants 18 years and below will cost N8,750. It's N15,000 between 18-60 and N8,500 for people above 60 years.

Female applicants, who apply for change of name as a result of marriage/divorce or deceased spouse, will pay N8,750, while processing fee for request for change of data will cost N30,000.

The information on the increase was contained in the circular titled "Passport Reforms", which has been sent to ACG Passports, Nigerian Missions, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant local and foreign government agencies.

It was gathered that the circular was issued on February 17, 2014, and signed by the Deputy Comptroller in charge of Operations/Passport Mr. Muhammad Babandede.

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