Friday, 21 February 2014

Armed Robbers Destroys ATM Machines Of Banks At AAUA, Ondo State

While students slept burglars broke in to ATMs of several banks early Thursday at the Adekunle Ajasin University Akungbo-Akoko (AAUA)campus in Ondo state.
According to sources, five armed burglars gained entrance to the University through the southern gate. They captured four University's Sheriff Deputies, tied them up with ropes and covered their faces.
Using an electrical iron-rod cutter they broke into the Automated Teller Machines of Access Bank and Enterprise Bank, located near the Olusegun Obasanjo Hall.
The ATMs stand in a common pedestrian passage students use to walk to lectures.
The burglars destroyed security cameras. An attempt on Skype Bank failed.  How much money was stolen remains unknown.